Springer Dottyback

The springer dottyback (Pseudochromis springeri) is a widely popular aquarium fish. They are found in the Red Sea and the eastern Indian Ocean.

Springer dottybacks have jet black bodies and electric-blue headlines. In saltwater aquariums, the springer’s dottyback typically like to hang out by caves or overhangs from where it makes quick excursions around the tank and then back. They are very agile and it is fascinating to watch them dart around. Limited collection from the areas of origin has made it increasingly hard to come by wild collected Springer’s Dottyback. Fortunately, we have included this species in our breeding program and captive bred Springer’s Dottybacks are readily available from Sea & Reef Aquaculture.

Most dottybacks love meaty food items like Mysis shrimp, brine shrimp, krill, and various frozen meaty aquarium foods. However, they will also readily accept pellets and flake food. The springer dottyback will feast on bristle worms in your tank if they are present and it is not uncommon to see white bristle worm spines protrude from their faces. This does not seem to bother them and the spines will quickly disappear.

The springer dottyback can be aggressive to smaller fish and it is recommended to keep this fish with larger fish species. If you want to house this beauty in a smaller community tank make sure to add it as the last fish. Captive bred Springer’s Dottyback tend to be much less aggressive than wild collected fish.




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