Dumbo Octpus

The dumbo octopus (Grimpoteuthis) is a species of octopus found in the aphotic zones worldwide. The name originates from the Disney film Dumbo, having a prominent fin above its eye similar to Dumbo.

Species of octopus face few direct threats from humans, living at depths below 3,000 meters. Natural predators include sharks, killer whales, tuna and predatory cephalopods.

The genus has a distinct habit of swimming. They flap their ear-like fins to propel themselves. Movement of the arms can be used to help the animal move in any direction. The arms permit the animal to crawl along the seafloor, to capture prey, lay eggs, and explore.

Dumbos hover above the sea floor, searching for polychaete worms, pelagic copepods, isopods, amphipods, and other crustaceans for food. Prey is captured by pouncing on the target, which then is swallowed whole.


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