Marine biology – The study of marine life

Bell – the “head” of a jellyfish

Nematocysts – A microscopic capsule with a small barb inside found on Cnidarians

Cnidarians – Jellyfish, anemones

Euphotic zone – The top zone of the ocean where sunlight can be reached

Disphotic zone – The middle zone of the ocean where photosynthesis is no longer possible

Aphotic zone – The bottom zone where there is no sunlight

Tropical waters – waters that encircle the earth in an equatorial band

Equatorial – near the equator

Dorsal – Top

Pectoral – Side

Flank – Back

Algae – Large group of photosynthetic organisms

Photosynthesis – The process of converting sunlight into food

Symbiosis – A relationship between two organisms that help each other survive

Lethal – Potential of killing

Bioluminescence – the production and emission of light by a living organism

Biological – relating to something living

Genes – It is a sequence of DNA or RNA which codes for a molecule that has a function

Unicellular – Containing only one cell

Taxa – a taxonomic group of any rank, such as a species, family, or class

Chloroplast – a plastid that contains chlorophyll and in which photosynthesis takes place

Plastid – any of a class of small organelles, such as chloroplasts





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