Crystal Jelly

The crystal jelly (Aequorea victoria) is a jellyfish that is widely studied because of its bioluminescence. The crystal jelly is harvested because of its green fluorescent protein (GFP) which is a protein composed of about 250 amino acids that will glow green when it comes in contact with a UV light.

The crystal jelly has a wide bell with many long tentacles surrounding the outer bell. The crystal jelly can expand its mouth to swallow prey half its size. When they are disturbed, they give off a green glow coming from 100, tiny, light-producing organs containing GFP (mentioned earlier).

Scientists have created “green mice” that glow green when hit by UV light by inserting the GFP gene from the crystal jelly into the mice. The glowing protein is a widely used biological highlighter that helps scientists find and study genes more quickly.


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